Japan Massage

Japan Massage es un centro que está en Budapest (Hungría). Los servicios de masaje pueden combinarse con el jacuzzi. Los tipos de masaje son muy variados: Thai, erótico, shiatsu, mauri, ….
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  1. St. George dijo:

    Japan Massage in Budapest

    I was recently in Budapest and decided to give this place a try. Glad I did. Service, ambiance and location were all very good.

    Location: Address is Szekely Mihaly Utca 5. The “5″ is the house number, and “Utca” means “street”. This is a side street two blocks long off of Andrassy Ut. Look for the Budapest Opera, and then walk two blocks toward the Danube River. Szekely Mihaly Utca will be on the opposite side from the Opera, and No. 5 will be midway down the second block of Szekely Mihaly on your left.

    Budapest is quite confusing with street names. Streets often run for a couple of blocks, and then change names even though you are continuing straight. For instance, if you are traveling from the Buda side of the River, you would cross Chain Bridge, continue around Roosevelt ***, continue on Jozsef Attila U, and then continue on Andrassy Ut.

    Best way to get there would be the Budapest underground subway. You will want to take the M1 (yellow line) to the Opera stop. If you have access to the M2 (red line) or the M3 (blue line), ride it to the Deak Ferenc *** stop. This is where all three lines cross, and it is an easy transfer to the M1 from here. The subways run frequently, are very clean and safe.

    Ambiance: I did not make an appointment. Just showed up at the door. At street level, you will see Japan Massage listed at the doorbell 4th floor. In Hungary, the ground level floor is “0″, so it will be on the fifth floor. They will answer the intercom, tell them you are there for massage, and they will buzz you in. Inside, there is an atrium, and you will take the stairs to the top floor. There are a couple of tables outside the door to lounge and smoke if you wish. The door on the fifth floor will require another buzz in.

    When the door opened, I was greeted by two very attractive Hungarian women in nice cover-ups. They explained the menu to me and showed me who was available besides the two of them. All of their girls are shown on their website at japanmassage.hu. The interior is very nice, with appearance of a high end apartment.

    I chose one of the two that greeted me and was led to a spacious room. The room was nicely furnished with an Asian flair.

    Service: The menu prices started at 112 Euro. You have a basic start at 60 minute massage, and can upgrade to hottub, two women, etc. for additional cost.

    I chose Anna, a beautiful young Hungarian women. Her pictures do not do her justice as she is quite nice with a nice, soft curvy body.

    Once in the room, you disrobe and given a towel to go to the shower/bathroom just outside the room. You shower yourself, and it was very clean. Back in the room, Anna had me lay down and began a very good massage. She was completely nude during the massage. After about 30 minutes, I turned over and she proceeded with a very good finish, while I was feeling her ample breasts and soft skin while she neeled next to me. We talked a lot during the session. She was a very sweet young woman. Afterwards, another shower. No money up front, just at the end with a receipt. No tip was asked for.

    I left totally relaxed and feeling great. I was hoping to repeat again, but unable to arrange it before leaving Budapest.

    This was a great experience for an experienced monger.

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