5 Sex Tips That Women Want You To Know

cleos on nileHave you ever found yourself thinking that a woman’s sexual desires have a level of mystery that’s easily comparable to ancient Greek myths? Well you’re not the only one, and it’s not by mistake that you feel this way! Women love to surround their sexual sweet-spots in riddles and awe, because they want you to figure them out on your own.

Fortunately, the cat’s out of the bag, and we have gained access to the 5 sex tips that women are dying for you to find out, and bring into the bedroom!

Use these tips separately or one by one in a single mind-blowing sexual extravaganza, and reap the pleasurable benefits of having some insight on how women would like to play the sex game!

1. Make a date out of it.

Of course every lady enjoys being wined and dined before having sex once in a while, or she might even be the type of girl that likes to finish a movie marathon in the sheets.

Either way, these are still routine date scenarios that she’s had more than enough of.

Try something new, and let your lady know that tonight there’s only champagne, whipped cream, and lustful desires on the menu! This doesn’t mean you’ll have to complete P90X before the date, in order to be fit enough for an hours-on-end sex challenge. It just means that everything you do on this date has sensual stimulation and sexual satisfaction as goals! If you’re interested in using these sex tips one by one, then the next 4 tips will guide you through this sex-crazed date!

2. Tease her

Men are usually the victims of extreme teasing, as women usually hold the upper hand in stimulating one’s imagination using lips, subtle moans, and other erotic weapons of choice. But it’s time to switch places, and beat her at her own game!

Start your journey into a woman’s dream date by offering her a lingerie-on erotic massage. The lingerie will be there only to intensify the teasing sensation! Although you’ll want to start your massage by diving right into the erogenous areas of her body, you have to remember your goal. By the end of your massage, she’ll be begging for you to touch her clitoris or nibble on her nipples.

Use light, but intensifying, strokes when massaging her thighs, and let your hand get as close to her panty as possible without giving her the satisfaction of a touch where she needs it the most. Use alternations of wet licking, gentle nibbles, and blowing air on wet spots, particularly along her spine, starting from the neck, and going all the way down to her thongs.

3. Make out like you’re in high-school

Once you’ve created an overwhelming amount of sexual tension, layer that state of mind with a touch of raw intimacy. We all remember the passion that went into hour long make out sessions with our high-school crush, so why not bring back an old classic and taste each other’s tongues and lips like there’s no tomorrow! Every woman loves French kissing, and we tend to neglect the power of this erotic gesture. Show her that you know all about her desire to be French-kissed to exhaustion!

4. Be rough

Now that she is at your mercy, and she’s begging for you to give her sexual relief, it’s time for you to reap the benefits of being patient and consistent on your mission to tease her beyond her imagination! With all that built up tension, vanilla sex is out of the question!

We’re talking about hair pulling, spanking, and talking dirty! It’s going to be a sexual roller-coaster of extreme sensations, which started with gentle neck nibbling, and is now at the point of orgasms, wetness, and loud moans!

5. Let her choose what’s for dessert

Being the victim of your own game, can leave a woman feeling extremely exhausted, but at the same time sexually fulfilled. Finish your quest of becoming a master at using a woman’s sex tips by pampering her with a bubble bath, a chocolaty dessert, or even with a well deserved nap. Since she’s been the subject of your exclusive attention for this date, let the date end with her feeling like she’s on top of the world. And just you wait for when she returns the favor!!

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Hot sex in the morning

Hot sex in the morning

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Cream pie at her sexy pussy

Cream pie at her sexy pussy

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Dick is her good morning

Dick is her good morning

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Waked up with a blowjob

Waked up with a blowjob

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Naked lesbians on public

Naked lesbians on public

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Juliana Escort

juliana escortJuliana es una escort independiente que está en Bogotá (Colombia). Muy mona y sexy a la vista está ….
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Isabela Prepago

isabella-prepagoIsabela flaquita linda es una prepago independiente de Bogotá (Colombia).
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Melanie Jane

Melanie-Jane-HardcoreA Melanie también se la conoce en el mundillo como Melanie Rios. Es una bella actriz porno nacida en Medellín (Colombia). Ha arrancado con mucha fuerza y se le supone una carrera que puede ser muy prometedora.
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Guía Trip Sex de Colombia

mapa situación colombiabandera colombiaColombia es un pais situado en el noroeste del continente sudamericano. En el génesis del mundo, estoy casi seguro, lo primero que se creó fue el porno por mucho que otras fuentes no contrastadas digan otra cosa. Todo lo demás es paja. Porno normal, porno amateur, porno famoso, porno chistoso, porno asqueroso, porno ilícito, porno en la calle: el porno que también está de moda ya en Colombia. Un país que ha cambiado de la noche a la mañana. Su cultura cabalga entre la tradición católica y antiguas creencias paganas. Si se quiere conquistar a una admiradora es obligatorio conocer la cumbia colombiana, baile protagonista de todo festejo. El sexo no es ninguna novedad ya que está difundido por cualquier rincón de la selva tropical. Sus bellezas acaloradas visten bien ligeritas de ropa. Pocas excusas precisan para lucir sus bellos encantos de los que la Naturaleza les ha bien dotado. Pasen y vean.
Principales ciudades: Bogotá, Medellín, Cali, Barranquilla y Cartagena.
dot Actrices porno: Melanie Jane.
dot Escorts – Prepagos:
Todo Colombia: Niisha, Photo Prepagos.
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